Picture of the New House,
Falling Waters, WV

We hope to have the house finished late April and be able to settle and move in by the end of April- a perfect gift for finishing all the cancer treatments- for the whole family!! At the bottom is a picture of what the house will look like, only it will be linen/beige with forest green trim, ligther shingles, and, of course, landscaping!

You can view our online photo album at Yahoo! Photos, no registration required but you can only view it though the link here. Works best under Internet Explorer where you can view the pictures as a slideshow. Warning: This might load a little slow over dial-up...

Here's what the Floor Plans look like. The writing is backwards, but that's the way they built it on the lot, so we had to flip them.

And, lastly, we have an address! We are:

33 Watkins Ferry Way, Martinsburg, WV 25401

Walk thru and Closing will be April 30th!

As of Feb 19th, We have siding and shutters, plumbing and most of the wiring for electric and most of the deck. They work fast! Closing will be sometime between 3/26-4/23.

As of Feb 21st, siding is finished and the upstairs heat pump is installed. Vents have begun for downstairs and the electric wiring is completed!

Feb 28th- WE HAVE A BASEMENT!! They poured the basement and porch finally, as well as installed insulation and moisture barrier for walls so they can drywall. COOL!!

March 6th- WE HAVE WALLS!! They have poured the garage and garage step, put up our porch posts and rails as well as front trim, HVACed the basement, framed in the bathroom in the basement, and done all of the downstairs drywall as well as the stairs and ceilings upstairs when we visited today. It looks much smaller with walls, but it's very exciting!

March 13th- They have now finished the drywall and mud, as well as the trim around doors and windows. They have put down the subfloor for under linoleum, and finished the HVAC and wiring in the basement. It's starting to look like a house! We also have a garage door, as well as locks on all outside doors. We have to get the key to get in now.

March 22nd- Linoleum has been put down in the kitchen, the walls are all painted, and our basement stairs and bilco doors are in! They've also put down the gravel for under the asphalt driveway and outlined our sidewalk, so this is getting exciting!!

In May we settled on the house and have moved in. Lots of work to do to get things the way we want them (painting and such) and we're finishing the basement as fast as we can. Check out the pictures in the link at top for updates!

Brown Rd, Hammond's Mill
*=Brown Rd, Hammond's Mill

What We Hope to See!